How To Setup A Productive Schedule & Routine

Learn how to set up your calendar so you can get more done in less time AND still make time for your health and fitness goals. This strategy will help you say goodbye to “I’ll just do it tomorrow” — and help you get set up TODAY!

I created this INCREDIBLY valueable 5-part quick video series with 5 KEY TAKEAWAYS to help you become more positive and productive!


If you want to have a productive schedule and get more done in less time, you have to remember that:

  • If it’s not on your calendar, it won’t get done.
  • You can’t blame other people for taking your time if you haven’t scheduled anything in your calendar for yourself
  • The more you plan, the more free time you have.
  • It’s not about being a stickler for time, it’s being INTENTIONAL with your time.
  • Workouts, meetings, doctors appointments…whatever – if it’s in your calendar you’re going to SHOW UP!
  • Block time is AMAZING (I talk about this in the video!)

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