How To Improve Your Self Talk & Positive Mindset

Let’s talk about how to use positivity and your mindset to supercharge and jumpstart your productivity. And we are starting with your words: what you say about yourself to yourself and to others.

The way we talk to ourselves can be really bad. Did you know that we have 60,000 – 70,000 thoughts per day, 90% of them are the same as yesterday and 80% of them are negative??? We tell ourselves that we are stupid, incapable, lazy, can’t stick to a workout routine, unproductive, don’t have time to eat healthy…it’s no wonder we are experiencing that in our reality.

I always tell people to talk to themselves like they are talking to someone that they love. This might feel weird and be something that is challenging for you and takes time, effort and “work” — that’ cool. Keep showing up!

I created this INCREDIBLY valueable 5-part quick video series with 5 KEY TAKEAWAYS to help you become more positive and productive! Each video is 5-6 minutes and packed with value to supercharge your life!


Important points when it comes to improving your self talk & life

  • The way that you view the world is your choice. The meaning you bring to situations is your choice – and the type of words that you use reflect that. A lot of people want to point the finger at everything and everyone as to why they are not reaching their goals. But we really need to be pointing the finger back at ourselves and leaning in to how we can level up and learn to show up better 🙂
  • The struggle is real – I honor that struggle – but the way that we talk to ourselves and others about it is going to make a major difference. Don’t marinade in the struggle…learn and grow from it..
  • The power of the reframe.

Option 1: “My life is so hard, I can’t get anything done and I am always behind. I can’t sleep because it’s just so hard.”

Option 2: “Wow things are really abundant these days. Every single day I have a very full schedule that’s allowing me to utilize my strengths and strengthen my weaknesses. I am eager to learn and I know that I will make it through this situation like I have others in the past.

It might feel a little bit weird to switch your words, until it doesn’t…it’s just how you talk to yourself now. 🙂

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