How To Start Meditating? My Top 2 Favorite Meditations When You’re Just Starting Out

I meditated for the first time 14 years ago in my yoga and meditation class in college and have been meditating pretty much daily for the last 2 years. While I do not feel by any means like an expert, I think that I can definitely share my experience with you in regards to the relief I’ve seen, how I started and which meditations I really liked when I was first starting and still do today.

My first time meditating

I think I started meditating just because I knew that it was really good for your mental health and I’ve always kind of latched on to practices with a lot of science-backed benefits behind them. My first time “officially” meditating was when I signed up for one of the 21-day meditation challenges with Deepak Chopra & Oprah Winfrey they do periodically online.

I really enjoyed these because they were planned, structured, guided, a little bit flexible and just about 20 minutes long.

Why I started meditating more seriously

I started meditating more seriously and for longer periods of time after discovering the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza, reading his book Becoming Supernatural, and eventually attending one of his week long mediation retreats. While never officially diagnosed, I had suffered from really intense bouts of anxiety and I wanted natural relief not for a period of time – but a tool I could call on forever that actually worked.

What benefits have I seen since meditating regularly

I feel very much fulfilled and satisfied after I meditate and while I am meditating instead of anxious and scattered.

I haven’t woken up feeling sick to my stomach and overwhelmed in over 1.5 years. I can’t really fully remember what it feels like either.

I no longer feel rushed in the morning or like my body is moving faster than my brain.

I am able to connect with parts of me that I forget about or neglect.

I feel so much more focused, relaxed and productive all at the same time.

Two Quick Meditations for Beginners to Start

These are my 2 favorite meditations to start with and ones I still do quite regularly:

1. Go Lov 20 with Dr. Joe Dispenza

2. The Morning Meditation with Dr. Joe Dispenza