From “It” to “You

In the latest episode, of Self Love and Sweat: THE PODCAST, we explore the fascinating world of conscious communication, a topic with the potential to profoundly transform your connections. In this eye-opening journey, we examine the subtle yet impactful distinction between saying ‘I appreciate it’ and ‘I appreciate you.’ This seemingly minor shift holds the potential to set in motion a wave of positive change in your interactions and relationships.

Timestamps to help you navigate this episode:

0:00 Intro
2:09 Conscious Communication: Shifting from ‘It’ to ‘You
4:54 The Power of Saying ‘I Appreciate You’
5:37 Saying ‘I Appreciate You’ with Gestures

The Essence of Appreciation: From Action to Person

Appreciation is the lifeblood of any thriving relationship. When we express appreciation for someone’s actions, we are not merely acknowledging their efforts; we are fortifying the very fabric of our connection with them. However, we often fall into the habit of appreciating the action itself rather than the person behind it. This is where conscious communication takes center stage. By gracefully pivoting from “I appreciate it” to “I appreciate you,” we transition our focus from the deed to the individual. This subtle yet profound alteration can set in motion remarkable shifts in our relationships, nurturing a deeper sense of connection and genuine appreciation.

Beyond Words: The Power of Physical Gestures

While words are potent, we explore the idea of augmenting appreciation with a physical gesture. A gentle touch on the arm, a warm smile, or even maintaining eye contact can amplify the impact of your words, leaving the other person feeling genuinely valued and cherished. It’s essential, however, that any physical expression aligns seamlessly with your comfort and authenticity. Even the subtlest adjustments can wield profound influence.


The Harmony of Wellness: Sweat and Self-Love

Moreover, we emphasize the significance of cultivating habits and routines that foster holistic well-being. In our pursuit of a balanced life, emotional and physical wellness hold equal sway.  When harmoniously blended with emotional wellness practices such as conscious communication and appreciation, they coalesce to form the bedrock of a truly balanced and fulfilling existence.

Shine Where You Are: Radiate Kindness and Warmth

To wrap up this illuminating episode, we touch upon the empowering concept of ‘shining where you are.’ This philosophy champions the art of spreading kindness and warmth, irrespective of our circumstances. It’s about discerning value in every interaction and making the most of each moment. Whether you find yourself at work, within the confines of your home, or amidst the broader community, remember to shine brightly in your present space.

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Full transcript: Episode 142

Lunden Souza: 

Welcome to Self Love and Sweat the Podcast, the place where you’ll get inspired to live your life unapologetically, embrace your perfect imperfections, break down barriers and do what sets your soul on fire. I’m your host, Lunden Souza. Hey, have you grabbed your free Self Love and Sweat monthly calendar yet? This calendar is so amazing. It comes right in your inbox every single month to help you have a little nugget of wisdom, a sweaty workout, a mindset activity, just a little something-something to help keep you focused and motivated and keep that momentum towards your goals. So every day when you get this calendar, you’ll see a link that you can click that will lead to a podcast episode or a workout or something that will be very powerful and quick to read. And then you’ll also see, on the top left corner of every single day, there’s a little checkbox in the calendar and what that is is that’s for your one thing. You can choose one thing every month, or it can be the same, something that you want to implement and make this something that you can easily implement, like daily meditation or getting a certain amount of steps or water, for example, and staying hydrated and even taking your supplements. This can be something if you want to get more regular doing a particular habit and routine. You can choose what that checkbox means. So if you want your Self Love and Sweat free monthly calendar delivered right to your inbox every month on the first of the month, go to, fill out the form really quickly and you will have your calendar in your inbox within a few short minutes. That’s lifelikelunden L-I-F-E-L-I-K-E-L-U-N-D-E-N dot com forward slash calendar. Go, get yours for free and enjoy this episode. Happy today and welcome back to the podcast. Today we have a quick mindset reset, quick episode just to help you gain a little bit more perspective, put a little bit more intention in your life, and this episode is just an opportunity for conscious communication and for saying something slightly different than maybe you would normally say it or the way that, let’s say, we would normally say things in the English language. Sometimes I just feel like we just say it that way because we say it that way, and in this episode I want to offer a reframe, a way of saying something you probably say regularly, an opportunity to say it a little bit different. And so that is I appreciate it versus I appreciate you. I made a reel on Instagram the other week just talking about hey, let’s celebrate the person and appreciate the person and not have not have it be about the action. So we can say like thanks for doing that, I appreciate it right, or thank you, I appreciate you, so that we can normalize appreciating the person behind the action and acknowledging that that person deserves to be appreciated in that moment, whether or not they would have done the thing right. So I think going out into the world and saying I appreciate you is a great way to change your words just a little bit, get into some conscious communication vibes of just like what happens when I switch this one word from it to you. And I don’t specifically remember Personally when I started saying I appreciate you instead of I appreciate it. I don’t remember if I listened to a particular podcast or read a quote or whatever, but at some point I just decided to start saying I appreciate you instead of I appreciate it. And I have definitely noticed people’s reactions to that. People smile a little bit more, they hold the eye contact for like half a second longer. It feels like where it’s just like that moment of connection of like, hey, I appreciate you, whether it’s a person at a gas station or who might hold the door for me or a hotel clerk or I don’t know, just anybody that we come in contact with, that we might be, yeah, crossing paths with whether they’re doing something For us or we’re doing something for them. I just think it’s really cool to acknowledge and say I appreciate you Instead of I appreciate it, and so I challenge you to go out into the world and try that and see what happens and see if you notice a Difference in reaction in other people and also in yourself. Right, what does it feel like for you to tell someone I appreciate you? It’s just kind of, yeah, a one-word shift that can sometimes Elicit a different nervous system response in ourselves and in others, and I made a quick mindset reset episode. Previously that was called shine where you are, just as a reminder to be like, hey, let’s see how we can offer kindness, acknowledge people, be a beacon of light, right where we are, no matter what we might be going through, you know, whether we’re just, you know, walking into a 7-Eleven or going to an event, how can you shine where you are? And I think that this Word shift of saying I appreciate you instead of I appreciate it can be a great way to shine where you are. It can be a great way just to hold that eye contact for a second longer. Hey, I appreciate you, and just I don’t know pronunciation it a little bit like not like I don’t know, I appreciate you. Bye, you know. But like a really taking that moment to connect with that person hey, thank you, I appreciate you. I think that when it’s coupled, sometimes with a physical gesture, like sometimes, if it’s appropriate right, I’m not reaching across the counter at a 7-Eleven to touch somebody but if it’s warranted and it works just to put your hand on someone’s shoulder or on their arm, or just that moment to acknowledge hey, I appreciate you, can go a long way as well If that resonates and feels right for you. I think that everybody’s way of conscious communication should feel right within them, a little bit of a stretch, but feel congruent within you. So if you feel like it is the appropriate time to just touch someone on the shoulder in that process and saying thank you, I appreciate you, and just engaging more of the senses, a little kinesthetic touch, just acknowledging the person in a new way, maybe that could be an opportunity for you to shine where you are a little bit more. Maybe that can be a way for the person to really understand oh, they do appreciate me. They’re saying it to me and then they’re also touching me on my shoulder, which feels good and feels like connection. So today, go out into the world and find opportunities to say I appreciate you instead of I appreciate it, so that we can get in the habit of acknowledging the person and their worthiness and enoughness to be appreciated and, yeah, using this as an opportunity to shine where you are. Like I did a whole quick Mindset Reset episode on before, but check that one out too. Just like, yeah, how can we be a little bit more kind with our language? How can we shift things just a little bit, turn the knob just a little bit more in a connected direction and just see what happens? Maybe people won’t respond at all, they won’t even hear you. They’ll just be in their own world, and maybe they will respond a little bit differently and just feel a little bit more warm and fuzzy because you went out and said I appreciate you instead of I appreciate it. So that’s it for today’s Quick Mindset Reset. Have a beautiful day wherever you are in this world and we’ll see you at the next episode. Bye, hey, really quick, I want to interrupt the podcast for just a minute to tell you about one of my favorite supplements for hair, skin, nails, digestive and gut health, and that is SNAP Supplements Super Greens with Collagen. Now, if you’re following me on social media, you’ve probably seen me post about this a bunch because, honestly, this product tastes amazing and it’s jam-packed with nutrients, like I said, to support healthy hair, skin and nails. It helps support detoxification, a healthy immune system, and there’s even probiotics in there for a healthy gut. It’s non-GMO, no sugar added, soy-free, grass-fed collagen, and every scoop is going to give you seven grams of protein, and this is why I love it, because it’s not like a protein shake. It’s just a scoop of powder. It tastes amazing. 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Thank you so much for listening to this episode of Self Love and Sweat: The Podcast. Hey, do me a favor. Wherever you’re listening to this podcast, give us a review. This really helps a lot, and share this with a friend. I’m only one person and with your help, we can really spread the message of self love and sweat and change more lives all around the world. I’m Lunden Souza, reminding you that you deserve a life full of passion, presence and purpose, fueled by self love and sweat. This podcast is a hit spot. Austria production.