Hiking at Attersee in AUSTRIA!

If I could describe Austria in one word, it would be- GREEN! There really isn’t anything like the rolling green hills. Everywhere you look you are reminded of life and growth. You can’t help but want to go hiking when you come to this amazing country. Hiking has always been a favorite activity of mine, next to spending hours at the beach. Since I recently moved from the sunshine shores of Southern California to Austria– I have spent a lot of time hiking new trails and exploring my surroundings while staying active and fit. This trail was absolutely awesome! It wasn’t too long or too easy.

Balance, stability and core control were in full effect during this hike & my boyfriend and I had an awesome time enjoying the smells and gorgeous views as we climbed higher and higher.

image (2)

Of course, I took a lot of pictures and a lot of selfies. We joked that the hiking trail time signs, indicating this hike would take 1hour 30 minutes, should have an extended time frame to include selfies. HOWEVER, we go to the top in 1 hour and 22 minutes WITH selfies and with a bit of confusion on where the trail actually started. So I’d say we did pretty good!

mountain quote

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There were areas where we just walked up hill, climbing over rocks and tree roots– and others where we were actually climbing and holding onto cables. It was great! Pretty high up but a great challenge and I still definitely felt safe and secure. I mean, yes, something could happen so it’s always great to be focused and prepared but I definitely felt comfortable hiking here!

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Did I mention the weather man predicted RAIN for this day???? It turned out to be the  most beautiful, clear, warm and peaceful day! There were a few weekends we had planned to hike and then decided not to due to potential weather conditions. This particular weekend we were sick of all the weather predictions and just decided to GO FOR IT….rain or shine. Such a great decision and this was our view from the top overlooking Attersee! Amazing right?????

image (1)

We stopped at the top for snacks! I packed raw nuts, bananas, apples, protein shakes & THESE amazingly delicious 5 Ingredient Healthy Cookies that I made to keep us satisfied and fueled up for the way down– without feeling like we just stuffed our faces. If you’re going on a hike or a long run or even for a beach day– these cookies are amazing. They even make a great healthy snack with some fresh nut butter–mmmm! So glad I brought these.

photo (11)


Got down and dirty with this hike & clocked in 16,000+ steps with my Runtastic Orbit!! Such a great weekend! I released so much stress, got to workout, spend time with my boyfriend, laugh, “oooo” and “ahhhh” the entire afternoon. It doesn’t get much better than that!