6 Tips to Avoid Pigging out at Holiday Parties

‘Tis the season to be jolly and celebrate. Do you have a lot of holiday parties on your calendar this month? It seems like the holiDAY is oftentimes dragged out into the entire month between work parties, friends, family, etc. It may seem impossible to stay fit and in shape during this time, right? Well, it’s DEFINITELY possible!

You don’t have to be super strict and completely limit yourself and hide from social situations in order to stay fit or keep your weight loss streak going. In fact, if you can make it through the holidays I firmly believe you can make it through any time of the year. Why? Because there’s so much temptation coming at you from every angle that it’s REALLY good practice. Bottom line, the truth about getting and staying in shape is all about balance. And my hope is that these tips help you find balance this holiday season.

holiday party stay healthy

Now, I might be a bit more self-controlled than others (not bragging at all) but that’s because I have been practicing for 8 years! And, I have compiled a bunch of little tricks and tactics during this time to conquer the holiday season and not completely pig out and every single holiday party I attend. I like to be social but I also like to wake up feeling fresh the next day (not stuffed and hung over).

Here are my holiday tips:

  1. Don’t drink at every single holiday party you attend. AND if you’re going to drink, try not to carb load that same night. Save some calories and fuel up on protein and veggies if you’re going to have a couple drinks. Or, if it’s really difficult for you to stay away from alcohol, offer to be the designated driver ahead of time 🙂
  2. Workout that day and lift heavy! Leg day anyone? Challenge a large muscle group (like your legs) that way some of the extra calories that you’re consuming actually go to good use.
  3. Wear something tight 🙂 Don’t leave room for stuffing yourself, plain and simple.
  4. Eat before you go. Don’t show up starving ready to eat every appetizer in sight. Have a protein shake or something small before to hold you over and keep you from overdoing it.
  5. Don’t stand next to your favorite food all night. Ever start a conversation next to the sweets tray and just keep funneling one after another in your mouth without even realizing how much you’re consuming? Situate yourself in a place where there isn’t food literally right at your fingertips. For me, this is always where the nuts are. I know nuts are healthy, but in moderation. When I stand next to a jar or bowl of nuts – I can EASILY eat them all.
  6. Dance! Burn those calories 🙂

Do you have some tips on you avoid pigging out at holiday parties? Then tweet them to me @LifeLikeLunden