How To Be More Positive & Make Change Easier

Do you feel like you’re running all over the place just for the sake of “getting things done”, but not really feeling productive? Do you want to make those BIG STEPS moving forward to the life, goals, dreams you want to achieve?

To really go to that next level, you have to understand that being more positive and productive is a choice (a regular one!) and a commitment to a lifestyle…not a magic pill, quick fix or something you’re “missing.”

I created this INCREDIBLY valueable 5-part quick video series with 5 KEY TAKEAWAYS to help you become more positive and productive!


Shake Hands With Change & Show UP To The Challenge

It’s time to get excited about doing things differently, because obviously the way you’ve been doing them now is not working and you know it 🙂

It can feel like a fish out of water when things don’t go a certain way, but shaking hands with change and with challenge can really set you up for success!

Here are some ways to mix things up in your life so you can show up with a more positive and “I can do this!” outlook:

  • Go on a new running route
  • Workout in the AM instead of the afternoon (or vice versa)
  • Try something creative
  • Make a new recipe
  • Try a new workout class you’ve been saying you want to try
  • Take a course to up-level a skill you feel you want to have
  • Look up instead of on your phone while going on a walk
  • Do something that scares the crap out of you 🙂 (like I did and I mention in the video!)

If you want all 5 of these videos all in one spot so you can listen to them (quickly!) whenever you need a refresh – grab all 5 for $17 right here!