How to Find Your Path (and What That Even Means!)

Figuring out how to find your path toward a goal can be one of the most rewarding time investments you’ll ever make. Your path is unlike any other. It’s the one that leads you on the journey your life was meant to take. It brings you closer to your goals and dreams. It’s a path made for you, and that’s what makes it so special.

It’s important to find this path because not every path will take you where you want to go, even if it has taken other people to similar goals. We don’t all respond to the same things, think the same way, or share the exact same experiences. Each of us needs to find what works for us, and that can look very different from person to person.

What Hasn’t Worked for You, and Why?

Struggling to figure out what works for you? I fully believe we hold more power in this question than we realize.

I like to start with the question, “What hasn’t worked for you?” This can be a great way to eliminate things so you can focus your energy on something that might better serve you.

But at the same time, I recommend asking yourself if you were working for those things, too. Or to put another way, if something isn’t working for you, are you the reason why it didn’t work?

Think about the effort you put into it or the approach you took. Think about the situation where you applied this particular thing. Just because it didn’t work one way doesn’t mean it can’t work for something else. Also, think about the barriers that may have prevented it from working for you. In some cases, you may be able to adjust your approach and get different results.

How to Find What Works for You

Learning how to find your path is easier to do on paper. Draw a line down the middle of your paper to make two columns. On one side, put the things that don’t work for you. The other column is for all the things that do work.

I like this exercise because it’s custom to every person and it’s done with intention. You didn’t read about a quick fix or someone else’s game plan. You looked deep inside yourself to figure out things from your own perspective.

The next step, of course, is to test your “what works” list. Commit to trying those things and watching the results you get. Some of the items in your “what works” list might move over to the “what doesn’t work” side, and that’s okay. You tried it, and you can stop giving effort to it and try something else.

Something else to keep in mind is that what works for you in one season might not work for you in another season. What works doesn’t have to be what works all the time. You are constantly evolving as a person, and your path will, too.

Once you find your path, decide how to apply it to your daily life to get what you really want.

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