Legs & Booty Home Workout – Weights Optional

Have you been enjoying your home workouts? I never thought I would say this, but I’ve only been to the gym twice this year and I still feel super strong, fit and healthy! In fact, I recently did a poll on IG stories and found that many of you prefer home workouts rather than going to the gym.

You really can get awesome results just working out at home using weights, dumbbells, bands, your own bodyweight and even chairs and steps. It really doesn’t take that long to get in a good sweat right at home. Today I am sharing my favorite leg and booty exercises at home – this workout only takes 15-20 minutes MAX!

Let’s get started!

(I even made a Voice Guided Workout version for Self Love & Sweat THE PODCAST so you can do the workout with me coaching & motivating you in your ears.)

Legs and Booty Workout At Home – 5 exercise (weights optional)

You are going to do each exercise for 45 seconds, and then rest for 15 seconds. Go through all 5 of these moves in that interval style and then rest at the end for 1 minute. Repeat 3 rounds! Feel free to do this quick 10 minute warm-up with me before you start! By the way, did you know that strong glutes are incredible to prevent injury and improve performance?

1. Sumo Squats

Open up your legs nice a little bit wider than shoulder width, toes turned out. Sit back like you’re sitting in a chair, squat down nice and low and keep your chest up. Drive through the heels and drive your knees outward, you don’t want your knees to fall inward (activate your outer thighs aka your abductors). Give your booty a nice squeeze at the top and repeat until time is up!

2. Curtsy lunges

Start in a standing position and then bring one foot back and around so you get a nice curtsy. Be mindful to keep the weight in your front heel so that way you stay balanced and the movement is controlled. Keep your chest up, shoulders up towards the sky. Alternate legs until the time is up. You’ll really feel this on the outside of your glutes – your gluteus medius.

3. Inchworm jacks

Start in a standing position, bring your hands to the floor (bend your knees as much as you need) and walk them out to a plank position. Make sure you don’t drop your hips. From that nice plank position, jump your legs opened and closed like a jumping back. Then bend your knees again and walk your hands all the way in and then stand all the way up nice and tall. Feel free to add a jump at the top if you want to 🙂 Gives you a little extra cardio.

4. Donkey kicks L

5. Donkey kick R

Start on all fours, hands directly underneath your shoulders and knees directly underneath your hips. Flex your foot and kick it up towards the sky and squeeze your glute muscle on that side. Be sure to keep your hips square to the ground throughout the movement. Don’t swing your leg all over the place, make the movement nice and controlled and really connect with your booty muscles – that mind-muscle connection is REAL!

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