The C.P.R. Method to Help You Revive Your Healthy Lifestyle

Raise your hand if your health goals aren’t joined at the hip right now. We’ve all been there — good intentions and strong starts can ebb and flow, and eventually your healthy lifestyle has faded in the distance. Good news: my CPR method teaches you how to revive your healthy lifestyle so you can get back on track.

Why CPR, you ask? Because truly there’s no better acronym. When you perform CPR on someone, you place your hands on their heart and pump life back into them. I love this analogy because those healthy lifestyle goals you were once so gung-ho about also come from the heart. When you use this acronym, I hope it’s a reminder for you to come back to this heart space and what’s important to you, even when life is crazy.

Core Values

Your core values are what you stand for. What’s important to you? What are your non-negotiables? What does it mean to be you?

Your core values are how you show up every day as a person. Check back in with your core values to see where your healthy lifestyle is and isn’t aligning. Make a list of your core values and revisit them often. Look for ways to restore that alignment so you can make healthy living more of a habit.


Your perspective can be your superpower or your prison. It’s so important to check your perspective and see how you can change any negatives to positives. It’s not just about what’s happening in your life, but rather how you’re reacting to it.

If you’ve put yourself in a perspective prison, remember that you have the key to set yourself free. Our perspective sets the tone for what we experience and how we feel about it, so try reframing your perspective to see things in a different, more positive light.

REMEMBER: Your perspective is like play-dough, not a rock. It can be reshaped!


This is where you go out into the real world and execute your core values and try out your new perspectives. Become what you say you want to be. Try it on and see how it feels.

This takes some practice. It’s one thing to know what our core values are, but it’s another if we can’t show up that way in the real world. We put those core values and perspectives to the test. The more you practice, the easier this becomes. Your healthy lifestyle becomes more of a habit instead of a dream that lives only in your mind.

And, as you practice, you can start refining this process to find more areas of disconnect and more ways to tighten up your approach.

Just like in real life, you might not need CPR every day. But I hope this gives you a framework to come back to when you’re feeling off and not sure how to revive your healthy lifestyle. Because trust me, it’s not dead in the water. It just needs a little help — we all do. 🙂

Hear more about my CPR method and how to revive your healthy lifestyle on the Self Love and Sweat THE PODCAST, episode #86.