4 Tips for Your Busy Summer: Stay Fit, Focused & Have Fun

Summer is wedding season, vacation season, pool season, time with family season — all the things, right? You’ve got this short, sunny window to pack in all your favorite activities that you somehow don’t have time for during the rest of the year. But when you start planning a busy summer, I’ve found you usually end up missing out on more than you realize.

Sounds counterintuitive, I know. But staying busy usually means not having any flexibility to squeeze in other things that might also be important to you (but can’t always be planned for).

Instead, I like to do what I call “focused fun.” I’m intentional about my summer because I find that I enjoy it more this way. Here are my top four tips on how you can turn your busy summer into focused fun.

1. Seize All Micro Opportunities

Is 20 minutes a lot? That depends — to cook a meal, no. To listen to Baby Shark on repeat, yes. Summer might not be full of weekends for vacations, but each day gives you micro opportunities to get something done, even if it’s just a 20-minute window.

There’s actually a lot you can do in short bursts: a quick work out, take a walk, reorganize a pantry, any number of little things on your to-do list. Take advantage of those moments as they come. You’re doing more and making more progress in the same amount of time.

2. Motion is Lotion

As I get older, I notice my body is a little more crackly than it used to be. Some days I feel like the Tin Man as he’s getting oiled up after years of being stuck in place. The remedy, of course, is motion.

Any type of movement can help you feel less stuck in place. A body in motion tends to stay in motion, according to Newton. Prioritizing motion and exercise every day can help you keep moving through your summer activities and enjoy them more. And going back to point number one, you can include more motion in your day during those micro opportunities.

3. Hydrate

One of the foundations of health, hydration has more of an impact on your summer schedule than you might realize. As you’re doing all the things, make sure one of those things is drinking lots of water. You’re constantly on the move and blowing through your body’s resources faster. Plus, it’s hot. Don’t let water go under the radar.

4. Know What Hat You Need

We all wear lots of hats, especially during busy summers. The wedding hat, the birthday party hat, the mom-in-planning-mode hat, there’s a ton of them. Know what hat you need to wear at different times to get shit done.

Sometimes, we’re standing in our own way because we’re wearing the wrong hat. But part of adulting means knowing what needs to be done and then doing it instead of getting caught up in all the stuff competing for our attention. When you wear the right hat, it’s easier to be more intentional about your schedule and get more from your summer.

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