Vacation Workouts: Fit While Traveling

I am a huge fan of vacation workouts! This doesn’t mean I am working out as hard as I do at home, but it keeps me moving and keeps me in a good routine and habit. I did this workout last weekend during my vacation in Lignano, Italy with my boyfriend. We used what we had in the hotel room plus two 1-liter water bottles for some light weights and created a circuit.

You need an interval timer for this workout, I used the Runtastic Timer App. It’s free & awesome!

For this circuit use a 40/20 interval

40 seconds workout/20 seconds rest- 3 rounds

-Elbow plank (on bed for increased instability)

-Declined push ups (feet on bed)

vacation workout lignano 3

-Knee tucks with towel

-Triceps dip (on bed or chair)

-Shoulder scaption (with water bottles)

vacation workout lignano

We were dripping sweat, it took us about 20 minutes and it felt AWESOME!

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