7 Tips To Get Rid of Negative Self Image

Negative self image….I wanted to touch on this subject today because I know it is something that is really common among many people in today’s society. We are always beating ourselves up instead of really taking the time to love ourselves, embrace where we are and WHO we are.

It’s gotten to the point where our self esteem is based on what we think about our physical appearance. Let me remind you, our bodies are vessels for greatness and it’s time we start acting like it. Here are some tools I have for you (that I also use for myself) to help you PROUDLY look in the mirror and be thankful for who you are.

7 tips to get rid of negative self image

1. Point out your STRONG areas…often

No matter how many weak areas we think we have, we definitely have AT LEAST one strong area– if not more. Maybe you are having the hardest time getting toned triceps and getting rid of that back-of-the-arm fat but, you have amazing legs! Remind yourself everyday (maybe even multiple times a day) how great your legs are and, don’t be afraid to rock some short shorts or a skirt, even if it is with a sleeved shirt to cover up your “problem areas.” Rock what you got! I am totally guilty of this.

2. Make a list of what things make you proud of yourself (this can be physically + more).

Make a list of 10-15 things that you are proud of. This can be full of BIG accomplishments and small talents. Whatever you are proud of about yourself write…it….down…NOW! Keep it with you at all times. I wrote mine on a sickbag on an airplane once and now this bag is my bookmark for all future books I read.  I read nearly everyday, so I look at this list (and read it) everyday!

Here is my list:

  • I am proud of my dedication and consistency at work.
  • I love my hair
  • I am a really good friend
  • I am a bomb ass cook
  • I am a good writer
  • I have unwavering faith in God
  • I’m proud of my legs and booty
  • I am proud that I am really taking the time to learn to meditate.
  • I love my skin tone
  • I am proud of my taste in boyfriend


3. Get rid of the negative self talk

“I’m fat!” “I am such a failure I can never stick to anything.” “I knew I wouldn’t reach my goal weight, I am over it!” Can you imagine if you said the things you say to yourself to your friends, mom, dad, sister, brother, spouse or children???

4. Start actually monitoring your progress

Start making small challenges for yourself on a 4-6 week basis so you can REALLY have progress to look back on. This way, next time you try to tell yourself you “fail at everything” you can actually have PROOF that you don’t. Some examples are:

  • Test how many push ups you can do in 1 minute and then retest yourself in 4-6 weeks
  • Try to improve your time in walking or running a mile.
  • Time how long you can hold a plank and then retest yourself in 4-6 weeks
  • Keep a 1.5L waterbottle at your desk and challenge yourself to drink it (if not more) before the work day is over. Put a tally mark on a post-it note and keep track for a month. If you didn’t do so well, try it again next month and beat that number.
  • Do a timed workout and then re-test yourself in 4-6 weeks and see how your time improved. Here’s an example:
    • 50 jumping jacks
    • 50 push ups
    • 50 squats
    • 50 mountain climbers
    • 50 lunges
    • 50 burpees (optional to add the burpees)

5. Just say “Thank You!”

Next time someone tells you that your hair looks nice or your outfit is cute– just smile and say thank you! Take a freakin’ compliment and own it.

6. Do not compare yourself to others

No one is you for a reason!! Own it, be yourself and be thankful for where you are. We all have room for improvement, growth, self-exploration, etc. so who cares about where someone else is in their journey.


The average person lives roughly 85 years. That’s a looooonnnnggggg period of time to doubt yourself, but a really short amount of time to unleash your true potential and greatness. Don’t wait- start living NOW!