30 Days of Yoga Challenge – #TakeTheLeap with prAna & Sweat Pink

Okay, here I go! Starting this 30 Days of Yoga Challenge – today. I have been a Sweat Pink ambassador for a few years now, and I am always so excited when there is something new, innovative, exciting, fun and challenging for me to join in on. Oh and if you want to join us- you can join here!

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How long have I been doing yoga?

I have been doing yoga on a regular basis for 9 years and I totally love it. However, as a fitness expert who has never had any trouble creating her own workouts, it’s always really hard for me to practice yoga alone without an instructor. I really like to be “taught” yoga.

When I lived in Southern California for 8 years, I would take yoga at a studio and in the park nearly everyday. However, since moving to Austria (with a completely different work load and schedule) I now practice yoga 1x per week at the office in German and 1x per week at home using FitnessGlo or Yoga With Adriene. Yes, a whopping 2 times per week and it’s TOTALLY not enough. My body and mind will also tell you the same.

I found meditation and…

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Two months ago I did a 21 day meditation challenge with Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra that was absolutely amazing. Ever since then I take at least 5 minutes daily to quiet my mind, focus my intentions and get rid of all anxious and uncomfortable feelings.

I now want to combine my love for meditation and my love for yoga – but for 30 days straight! Can I do both? Of course…

My goals for this 30 Days of Yoga Challenge!

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(I love this pic of me and some of my #SweatPink sisters having some yoga fun!)

1. Do minimum 5 minutes of yoga everyday for 30 days

2. Continue the yoga I am already doing

3. Discover new yoga instructors on YouTube

4. Start practicing on my own – and being okay with it

5. Meet some cool new friends in this community as well

6. Increase flexbility

Have you ever done anything like this? Curious to follow me on my journey? I will be doing a weekly recap to let you know how I am doing, how I am feeling and what new sensations and feelings I happen to come in touch with. Join us here!