5 Ways to Boost Energy & Conquer Your Day

So, as I was drinking a #3 I started thinking about all of the different ways I stay, or try to stay, energized. With so many work tasks, busy errands, workouts to do & more – how is it possible to have the energy to get shit done?? Well, for me it’s not that I am always 100% energized & motivated, but there are some ways that really help a lot. Some of these tips to boost energy might be “duh!” for some of you. But, what I have found is, when you’re consistent with all of them is when you truly will receive all the benefits.

boost energy

1. Find your magic sleep number & get your hours

This is probably the “DUH!” moment for many of us, but how many of us are actually getting in quality sleep hours? Some of us need more or less than others for good quality sleep – but it’s YOUR job to find YOUR magic sleep number. How do you do it? Wait for the weekend or days off and fall asleep when you’re tired and wake up without an alarm. Do this for 3-5 nights and take the average. You don’t want to miss out on the benefits of sleep & the boost of energy a good night of shuteye provides.

2. Drink lots of water – consistently!

Seriously, I think most of the world walks around chronically dehydrated. Truth! Most of us only drink water when we are thirsty, but that’s too late. The sensation of thirst comes as a final cue that it’s time to drink up. Start your day off with a big glass of water with lemon to boost energy, jump start your metabolism and to set a precedent for the rest of the day. When you’re dehydrated it’s much harder to focus, concentrate, get stuff done and feel good while doing it. Hydrate your cells so that they can help you take charge of your day.

3. Get your greens!

Mmmmm my favorite way to get my greens is with greens juice. I make one with ginger, turmeric, spinach, kale, lemon, cucumber, a dash of cayenne pepper & either an apple or an orange. Hello energy! Plus, it’s full of antioxidants and fiber to boost your immune system & support healthy digestion.

4. Make friends with meditation & Yoga

Stress takes up a lot of energy! How many times have you been stressed out at work & then felt completely exhausted afterwards? I know I have. Meditation & Yoga (even for just 5 minutes a day) is a great way to relax, unwind, put things back in order & into perspective. The more you do this, the easier it gets to completely focus & release stress in a short amount of time. In the beginning, it could take 10 or 15 minutes to even get the random thoughts in your head to quiet down. Keep practicing, it’s worth it. Yoga at bedtime can also help you with #1!

5. Stay away from greasy & processed foods

Bottom line: the food coma! As much as I would love to knock back burgers & fries with the rest of ’em I know it makes me feel like shit. Fried, greasy, fatty, processed, preservative full foods take it out of me. Ever wonder why you get a post-lunch slump? Food should give you energy & fuel your cells – not take all the energy away from you. That’s why I eat a giant salad everyday at lunch because it gives me fiber, nutrients, vitamins, minerals & a GIANT boost of energy!