Where’s All My Energy? 5 Energy Suckers

When we feel low energy, we often think about and reflect on how much we slept the night before, how many errands we had to run or to-do’s we had to complete.

And while lack of sleep and running around doing tons of errands can be exhausting, there are many other major energy drainers in our lives that we probably aren’t focusing much on at all.

5 energy suckers you have to ditch today!

1. LBS: Leaky boundary syndrome

This is a very technical term I made up to let you know that NOT saying ‘no’ and NOT protecting your time, energy, effort, goals, dreams (and did I say TIME!) is doing you a GINORMOUS disservice. When we spread ourselves super thin, we end up maxed out and completely exhausted and fatigued! If you know my story, you know that I am a recovering do-more-of-everything-er who always found my self worth in the amount of time spent working and the amount of income (not impact) generated.

When we set up boundaries, it’s actually a life-changing (not a scary) thing. The clearer we are in our goals and our WHY, the easier it is to unapologetically set those boundaries. It won’t be hard to decide if you should do this, this or this…you’ll know if it fits in with your mission or not – period!

2. NOT taking micro-breaks and setting aside mini pockets of time for yourself

Nobody will take time for you if you don’t take time for yourself. Don’t wait for the shit storm – be prepared a head of time by checking in with yourself on a regular basis to simply get present and be thankful for where you are in the moment. I feel like the more we are in tune with our feelings, emotions, thoughts, etc. on a consistent basis, the easier it is to tackle the harder times and more chaotic moments because you’re managing your energy better and actually “plugging in” and recharging yourself.

Take 5-10 minutes a few times per day (or more!) and take a quick walk outside, focus on your breathing, get your body moving just a bit to generate energy, step away from your desk, email, computers, etc. and really just ask yourself, “Hey, how are you doing?”

3. Pretending to be someone that you are not

This is sucking TONS OF ENERGY out of your body and your spirit. It’s not that we are consciously pretending to be a certain character from a show or a movie star per say, but we can be striving day in and day out for ideals or goals that are not our own (family, the media, our perception of what we “should” be, etc.).

It’s kind of scary to open yourself up to others and share your weak moments and ‘meh’ times – trust me, I know. I am not saying you have to put everything you do on social media or IG stories like I do 😉 But if you’re going to “put something out there”, put something out there that is totally you and that you’re proud of.

4. Refined sugar & starchy carbs

These refined sugars and processed carbs do your body ZERO nutritional favor and can actually contribute to so many forms of disease and inflammation in the body. When we eat these foods, what happens? We want MORE of them because they contain little to no fiber and don’t sustain a steady blood sugar level…a complete recipe for A VICIOUS CRAVINGS CYCLE! Does that mean you cannot have anything sweet and it’s only chicken and broccoli? NO WAY! You’ll be obsessed with the chocolate ball recipe from the Mind Body Love 6-week Program! The dark chocolate combination with the other ingredients totally tackles your sweet tooth and will give you a nice burst of energy with the healthy fats!

You shouldn’t feel low energy, exhausted, grumpy or foggy after you have a meal. You should feel really good and fueled up ready to rock!

5. Addiction to smartphone and social media

As I am writing this post, my best friend and one of my VIP Coaching Clients BOTH told me something very similar and along these lines this week, “I just want to get off my phone, get off social media, TV and connect with myself again and get my time back.” We allow so many things outside of ourselves control what we think about the world and ourselves, how we walk, talk, eat, act and LIVE. I think that social media can be a beautiful way to connect people with others, but it can also be a stomping ground for comparison and feelings of inadequacy. There are companies you can easily find on the internet that actually give tours on a private jet with the main goal of the trip creating content for Instagram. Like whaaaaa?! Bring your phone because your eyes don’t work and if you don’t post it then it didn’t happen. ::passes out from exhaustion:: People really put a whole lot of effort into “not giving a shit about what other people think”. EXHAUSTING!

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