Butt, Thighs & Cardio Superset Workout

I’ve been working out consistently for OVER 13 years now and I absolutely love training just as much now as I did then (most days :p). I think that’s because I am always getting super creative with my workouts, inventing new exercises, listening to my body, trying out new things and challenging my body (and MIND!) in new ways.

This superset workout is extremely effective and will totally hit (and lift!) your butt & thighs while getting your cardio up as well. This workout is actually one of the workouts from my new 6-week Mind Body Love Online Coaching Program and honestly when I was testing it out I HAD to give myself credit (damn you’re good, Lunden :p).

What is a superset?

A superset is a set of 2 exercises that are performed back to back with minimal rest in between and then you rest at the end and repeat for 3-5 sets. I love supersets because you can combine strength exercises with explosive cardio moves or even dynamic and isometric exercises. You can hit the same muscle group twice (i.e. squats followed by step ups) OR you can hit opposing muscle groups (i.e. push-ups followed by rows) back to back. You can get super creative with supersets and get in a killer, fat-burning workout in quite a short amount of time.

SUPERSET WORKOUT: Butt, thighs & cardio

You don’t really need any equipment for this workout but I would recommend a mini band or booty band. You can find them right here on my Amazon shop in the Mind Body Love Program section. Dumbbells are also optional if you want to add some weight to your squats and lunges. You choose – this is YOUR workout.


1A. Sumo squats x 30 sec

1B. Jump squats x 30 sec

Do exercise 1A immediately followed by 1B. Rest 30 sec; repeat 4x.



2A. Lunges x 30 sec

2B. Jump lunges x 30 sec

Do exercise 2A immediately followed by 2B. Rest 30 sec; repeat 4x.



3A. Burpees x 30 sec

3B. Donkey side kick L/R x 30 sec (switch sides each round – total of 2 rounds each side)

Do exercise 3A immediately followed by 3B. Rest 30 sec; repeat 4x.



4A. In & out jump squats x 30 sec

4B. Cursty lunge & leg lift x 30 sec

Do exercise 4A immediately followed by 4B. Rest 30 sec; repeat 4x.


Glute bridge abductor 3 x 15 (rest as you need in between sets)

So what do you say…are you pumped to give this workout a try? I can tell you (from experience) that you will REALLY feel the burn during the workout and, of course, the sore muscles the next day.

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