Client Success Story: How One Wife, Mom, and Solopreneur Regained Her Sense of Purpose

Meet Jessica: a California wife of a veteran, mother of two girls, and third-generation self-employed tax preparer didn’t have the time or energy she wanted to enjoy life. She was growing her business while taking care of her daughters and had two full plates with her personal and professional responsibilities.

Jessica and I have been working together for a little over 8 months now, and she’s truly the epitome of what it means to go from crazy busy to crazy happy. Here’s her story:

Before: “I Was Surviving, Not Thriving”

Life was chaotic, and Jessica was struggling with maintaining her energy, sanity, and sense of self. She was exhausted, stretched thin, and going through the motions of each day without being truly invested in the world around her. “Before I started working with Lunden, I was busy. I felt suffocated by life and felt negative about everything. I had to plan everything, and anything that would come up that wasn’t planned was an instant negative.”

Jessica felt that taking care of a family, running a business, and handling all of life’s responsibilities was too much for one individual. And in the way she handled her day to day tasks, it truly was too much.

“I needed a mindset change. I wanted to start seeing things in a positive light rather than from an always-negative standpoint. Most importantly, I wanted to invest in myself and transform into a life I could love.”

Finding Hope with Purpose

Jessica acknowledges that her own vibe and energy travel to other people, and to be a successful business owner and role model mom, she knew she needed to shift her mindset and be more positive. “If I’m crazy, or busy, or abundant, others are going to notice.”

Jessica chose abundance, which is a positive mindset about being busy. She wanted her days to be filled with positivity and good vibes that she can share with others, not burden others, and it started with finding her daily purpose.

To start, Jessica started taking time for herself in the morning, every morning. Even 20 minutes gives her the jumpstart she needed to get in the right mindset for the day — coffee, reading, and quiet time became her favorite go-to’s. She’s also trying to be more mindful of the people she talks to and saw firsthand how her own thoughts and energy impacts other people. As the anchor in her household, she knows that if she has it together, others will be better off, too.

After: Doing More and Stressing Less

Having gone through nearly a year of one-on-one coaching with me, Jessica has discovered that she can do more in less time and leave the feelings of stress and overwhelm in the dark. “Before this transformation, I was a list person. Lists were my jam, and I had about eight of them every single day directing my activities. But now, I’m not obsessing over things that aren’t getting done.”

Jessica is still a full time mom and running a flourishing business, but she’s also made time for something close to her heart — planting trees. “I wanted to teach my kids about giving back to the earth, and the Amazon burning really moved me. I’m taking the opportunity to plant trees and teach my girls that we care for the earth because we live here.”

Most notably, Jessica says that being more intentional with her movement and health helps to fuel her sense of purpose each day.

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