How To Create YOUR Morning Routine

Going from madness to magic in the morning: can it be done? You bet it can! I know what it’s like to feel the rush of the day settle in before you get both feet on the floor, which is why I started paying more attention to my morning routine.

I’ve worked with many people whose most noteworthy morning moment is simply getting out the door on time. But think about it: how does getting out the door on time set you up for the day ahead? You should expect more from yourself and set yourself up in the best possible way to have a successful day, and it starts long before you jet out the door.

I want to share my easy 3M formula that makes it easy to get up and get moving (even if you’re not a morning person), and actually feel excited about the day ahead.

Let’s dive right in!

1. Me

Ever feel like you don’t have time for yourself? You never get the time to do things you want to do? You’re not working on your own goals because you’re taking care of everyone else?

If you can relate, you need to know that you are worth so much more than you’re giving yourself. You are the only one who can reach your goals and make time for the things you want, and starting your day by making yourself a priority can make you better prepared to serve others.

“Me time” takes different forms for different people. Maybe it’s having enough time to drink your coffee or tea while it’s hot. Maybe it’s taking a hot shower and doing full hair and makeup without interruption.  There’s no right or wrong here — the goal is to make time for yourself, connect with yourself, and have time to reflect on your own wants, needs, and goals.

2. Mindset

In my morning routine, I use my time to set my mind up for the day. Sometimes I do meditation, other days I do a few yoga stretches. But I always take a few minutes to look deep inside myself and decide how I want to show up in the world that day.

I’ve chosen three words that I try to live by each day: Positive, Present, and Barrier Breaker. Everyone I come into contact with, I want to bring vibrance and positive energy, be present in the moment, and break down barriers so that nothing stands in the way of my goals.

You can choose your own three words to create your morning mindset. Chant them to yourself and remind yourself how you want to show up and who you want to be each day.

3. Movement

I am a strong supporter of working out in the morning, but you don’t have to do a full blown routine in the morning to get your body moving. Movement generates energy, even if it’s something as simple as arm circles or reaching for your toes. Movement fosters more movement, and you’ll be better prepared to power through your day.

What to Do Next

I recommend spending about five minutes on each of these 3 M’s, which is about 15 minutes every morning that you’re devoting to your success. EVERYONE can find 15 minutes in the morning, and it’s so worth it to make yourself a priority. You’ll be in a better position to serve yourself and others, and may even find you’re more productive and effective as a result.