The Power Of Writing Out Your Goals >> HOW & WHY

I work with people every single week from all over the world who have some powerful ideas and visions for their life but have never written down their goals, said them out loud or told anyone about them.

I totally get it, starting something new or embarking on a quest to unlock a new personal reality IS – NOT – EASY. And I work with my VIP clients all the time on figuring out what’s blocking them from reaching their goals and why.

HINT: It’s not anyone else’s fault.

Writing out your goals and why they are important to you is such a valuable practice for SO many reasons.

My goal for this blog post is that you will be inspired to bring your goals to LIFE by taking the time to check in with yourself and write down those goals and dreams unapologetically and fearlessly.

How to write down your goals

  • Be as descriptive and detailed as possible using ALL of your senses

  • Write them in the present tense as if they have already happened

  • Express an immense amount of gratitude for these goals being fulfilled (before they do and when they do,too!)

  • Write down your short term goals with deadlines and strategy

  • Have a long-term goal that you can break down in to short term goals with deadlines & strategy

  • Write your goals down somewhere that you see OFTEN so these goals are not slipping your mind and read them multiple times per day (especially in the morning BEFORE you jump into your to-do list).

  • Put a pen to paper – it’s magic!

Why write down your goals

  • Writing out your goals puts them out in the universe. If you keep them inside, they’ll never manifest!

  • You can hold yourself accountable and remind yourself of what you’re going after especially on those hard days when you feel like you just can’t even.

  • You can look back at previous goals that you crushed and remember what kind of heart and fight you have to reach your next goal.

  • You can share them with other people. I prefer that you tell someone out loud and use your VOICE, but writing down your goals and taking a picture and sending them to people you know support you is powerful as well.

  • So you’re not just going through the motions creating a random goal of the day based on how you feel. You’re working towards what you committed to working towards.

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