What I eat in a day [VLOG]

I have seen a lot of people post videos about this “What I eat in a day” topic recently and I think it’s really interesting. To be honest, I had NO idea what I wanted to blog/vlog about on this particular Thursday (it was a Thursday when I filmed this what I eat in a day VLOG)  but then this topic popped into my mind.

I don’t always workout at the same time everyday or wake up at the same time, so I cannot give you a “This is how I do it every single day” promise…but hey this is what it’s like in my life.

So, what I decided to do was take you through today – Keep in mind that this is TODAY. For the most part, things stay generally the same but not always. It’s important for me to be flexible. I do eat mostly vegan but I will eat honey and scrambled eggs. I guess you can call it, mostly “ovatarian.” Eh, whatever – I just eat what my body craves and performs the best on. Oh and I drink like 3-5 cups of green tea per day and 2 L of water (or more), but I didn’t document the timing. 🙂

Here’s my ‘What I eat in a day’ VLOG

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