Powerful Abs, Arms & Leg Circuit (get ready to SWEAT!)

My absolute favorite body part to train, without a doubt, is legs!! Quads, hamstrings, calves and BOOTY – I love it all!! I did this really intense, but awesome, leg circuit last Wednesday at the gym and I wanted to share it with you all. There is also some extra abs & biceps action in there as well.

For this workout you will need the Runtastic Timer app, as all the exercises in the circuit are for time rather than reps. Here’s how you will set the app for this workout.

Prepare: 5 seconds

Workout: 40 seconds

Rest: 20 seconds

Reps: 12

Sets: 1

powerful abs arms and leg circuit

There are 4 exercises in this circuit and, as you can see from the above timer data, each exercise is performed for 40 seconds with 20 seconds of rest in between. This is a continuous circuit and we will not stop with this interval format until each exercise is performed 3x.

What are the exercises….??

Powerful Leg Circuit

1. Weighted Squats

Perform these squats at the squat rack if possible. You want your weight to be heavy and to sit really low into those squats. As always, make sure your back is straight and not hunched over, your core is engaged and your knees don’t go passed your toes. Really power through your heels for this movement.

2. Resisted side steps

side to side step b

Tie a resistance band tubing around your calves. Bend your knees and step 2 times to the left then 2 times to the right, repeat this pattern until the time is up. You really want to keep constant tension on the band the entire time. Drive through & land on your heel to really target the glutes!!

3. Weighted Burpee with 3 sumo squats 

Grab a heavy dumbbell (you want to choose the ones that have 2 big round ends that are able to stand upright safely) and let it hang between your legs – your feet should be shoulder width apart with your feet turned slightly outward. Place the dumbbell on the ground, gripping the ends and perform a burpee with a push up. When jumping back in to stand up, you want to jump in with your feet in a wide stance toes slightly turned out. When you go to stand up, bring the weight with you and perform 3 pulsing sumo squats with the weight hanging in between your legs before you go to perform the next burpee.

4. Step back lunge & curl 

Grab a dumbbell in each hand. Step back into a lunge with the right foot then perform a biceps curl. Release your arms and step back up to start. Repeat on the other side.

Ay  yi yi, just reading this posting over again made me exhausted. This was a really tough workout but I think you guys will really enjoy it. If you need to modify some exercises and use your body weight instead of weights that’s totally fine! Don’t even worry, you’re going to get a great workout anyway.