What’s a Good Morning Routine? Master Your Morning

It took me years to learn this: when you master your morning and start every day right, the rest of your day is so much better! Something that all high-functioning, top-performing professionals have in common is a strong morning routine. They have something they do every day to help them prepare for the day ahead, get stuff done, and feel good about it. Great days are made in the morning, so what’s a good morning routine that will help improve your life?

Let’s look at some ways you can master your morning:

1. Go Media-Free

Instead of asking what’s in a morning routine, I start with what’s not in a morning routine. Your DMs, your TV, your computer, email, social media – none of it belongs in your morning.


Because silence is so much more powerful in helping you connect to yourself than media.

Do the things that work for you first instead of tuning into what other people are doing and the demands they place on you.

2. Take Some Me-Time

We do so much for other people throughout the day, whether it’s client work, pleasing our bosses, running errands, taking care of children or pets, the list is endless. But the mornings make the perfect opportunity to do something for yourself, and I urge you to take advantage.

You might not get another chance in your day to treat yourself to something that fulfills you. Whether it’s a cup of your favorite tea, reading a chapter from your new book, or even massaging your own feet, be ruthless about your me-time in the morning.

3. Get in the Right Mindset

Mindset is powerful in crafting a good morning routine. For me, I do a morning devotional every day to get my mind right in the morning. It helps me clear my head and gain clarity on the day ahead. I also say a “Thank You” mantra to practice gratitude and stir up happy, positive feelings that will carry me through the day.

4. Do a Morning Run-Through

Your day has just started, and you have miles to go before it ends. Getting started can be the hardest step (especially if you love the snooze button), but doing a run-through of your day can make it easier to get moving.

Start by visualizing the ideal morning scenario. What does the perfect morning look and feel like for you? What would make your day start off the best it possibly could? Once you have that vision in mind, get out of bed and make that vision come to life. It gives a greater sense of control and reminds you that how your morning goes is really up to you.

What’s a Good Morning Routine for You?

Your morning routine is for you, and no one else. Design it in a way that serves you and gives you what you need to have a better day, every day.

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