5 things to do to get in better shape for a special occasion

Are you looking to get in shape for a special event? These 5 tips will be super helpful for you if you’re looking to do it the right, safe and healthy way that’s actually sustainable.

1. Don’t wait until the last minute.

Give yourself 6-12 weeks! Stop sabotaging yourself and your health by trying to make it happen in a week or a weekend — it won’t stick. I trained for 8 weeks consistently, using my Strong At Home 4 Women Training Plan, (not crazily!) to prepare for my most recent fitness video shoot and I am SO thankful that I did that because I was able to tighten up and boost my endurance in a way that actually felt REALLY good without depriving myself of anything.

2. WAY MORE walking 👣

Honestly, the best tool for fat loss is walking. Slow, chill, leisure walking…not speed walking trying to go super fast. This is a great opportunity to burn calories, burn fat and reduce stress. If you want some support and coaching during your walks, grab my FREE Walk & Talk Audio Coaching so you can listen to bite-sized informational and motivational coaching tips to keep you on track and consistent.

3. Stay super hydrated and add lemon & ginger to your water 😋

I feel like walking and water are two “duh” things we know…but don’t often do or take as seriously as we probably should. The best way to know if your body is hydrated is to check your urine. It should be a pale yellow. If your urine is really yellow, cloudy and dark…you need to hydrate! I always like to start off my day with a big glass of water with lemon and ginger and sometimes apple cider vinegar for blood sugar support.

4. More sleep, rest & recovery

Overtraining and overdoing it is just going to stress your body out and create even more resistance in getting where you want to go. Create a solid evening routine, prioritize at least 7-9 hours of sleep per night, make sure you include rest days in your training plan (at least 1 per week, I like 2!) and make your warm up, foam rolling, stretching, etc. PART of your workout, not something you just do if you have the time.

5. Track metrics mindfully

When you’re really serious about reaching a particular fitness goal, I think it’s really helpful to track your weights, reps, sets, rest time, mile time, step goal, etc. Having tangible evidence of progress is really motivating and can be helpful during different seasons of our life. I go through phases where I am tracking really detailed and diligently and then other phases where I am just monitoring a few things (steps, sleep, etc.) to stay on track.