Power Circuit Training: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps & Quads

Well, I was sick last week with food poisoning, so I took about 5 days off of training in order to let my body recover completely– plus I was on a strict diet of pretzels, saltine crackers & bone broth that I hardly had it in me (nutrient wise) to get in any sort of workout. Today was my first day back at the gym and I totally killed it. It felt really awesome to get in a great sweat and power through a REALLY hard workout!

So, because I want to “pass on the pain” in a NICE way…here is the workout that I did! These exercises recruit a lot of muscle groups AND get your heart rate up for ultimate fat burning. I love doing these types of workouts!

Are you ready…?

Power Circuit Training

power circuit

Chest, Shoulders, Triceps & Quads

Warm up:

15 minute jog

10 jumping jacks/10 knee push ups/ 10 squats (3 rounds)

Power Circuit:

Perform each exercise for 1 minute and then move onto the next exercise with little to no rest in between. Rest at the end for 1 minute and repeat for 3 rounds.

  • 5 chest press/5 shoulder press on stability: Use heavy dumbbells and alternate b/w the 2 exercises until 1 minute is up
  • Side-to-side push ups on a BOSU ball with a Burpee: Perform a push up with your left hand on the BOSU & right hand on the ground, then switch to the other side, then come to the center with both hands on the BOSU for a triceps push ups. Jump your legs in and then jump on and off the ball, place your hands back on the BOSU and jump your legs out and start again with the push ups.
  • Pulsing Squat & Jump on BOSU: Stand in front of the BOSU ball with your heels very close to the BOSU. Squat down really low and perform 5 pulsing squats (getting your butt to tap the BOSU each time) and then stand all the way up and jump (slightly backwards) onto the BOSU and then jump off and start again with the squats.
  • Goblet squat-press-triceps extension: Hold a kettle bell or weight in front of your chest right under your chin. Squat down and as you stand up press the weight up towards the sky in a shoulder press keeping your elbows by your ears. Then  do a triceps extension. For the triceps extension, do an up chain. This means do 1 rep the first time, then 2, then 3….all the way up to 5. When you get to 5, start again at 1.
  • Step up to lateral raise: With medium weight dumbbells in hand, stand in front of a bench or step. Step your right foot onto the bench bringing your left like up to a high knee. Drop the left foot back down to the ground and then step the right foot off of the bench into backward stepping lunge while simultaneously doing a lateral raise (while still in the lunge). Release your arms and step the right foot back to center. Then repeat stepping your left foot on the bench first.
  • Wall Balls: This exercise is best explained here!

Yes, this workout is really intense and requires a lot of equipment. But, for those of you that have access to this equipment at a gym– you’re really lucky and you should utilize it.