5 Quick At Home Workouts

Just because you may have made a New Year’s resolution to workout 3x per week, doesn’t mean your schedule all of a sudden becomes more open to fit in hour long workouts. I know it can be hard to manage to get to the gym, so I have some really great at home workouts you can do without any equipment. You can find all of them on my YouTube Channel!

5 quick at home workouts

Getting in shape isn’t about brutal workouts, it’s about efficient workouts and an efficient mindset. You have to do what you can, and you have to have faith in yourself that what you are doing (and what you can do) is absolutely enough. These workouts are great to do while the baby is napping, during your lunch break, after the kids go to bed, first thing in the morning, etc. I love doing at home workouts a couple times a week, which is why I am sharing workouts that I personally do with you. What do you need? NOTHING – only your own body weight!

At Home Workouts

1. 7-minute workout

2. Road Warrior Workout Part 2

3. Backyard Booty Workout

4.  15-minute Total Body HIIT

5. Dorm Room Workout – No Space, No Equipment, No Excuses