13 Ways to Get A Better Butt

In my opinion, glutes are where it’s at. The booty is something all women are sought after these days, and rightfully so – nice toned booties look GREAT! If you feel like your butt is looking a little sad and hanging low, try some of these tips to help you lift your backside and sculpt a sexy butt.


How to get a better butt:

  • Get up off your butt and move more 🙂
  • Walk uphill
  • Take the stairs
  • Train your lower body with heavy weights
    • Some exercises include: squats, lunges, dead lifts, step-ups, hip thrusters, cable glute kickbacks (seen in picture)

cable glute kickbacks better butt

  • Train your lower body with your own body weight
    • Some exercises include: jump squats, jump lunges, speed skaters, glute bridges, leg raises
  • Do squats every time you use the bathroom
  • Walk more
  • Sprint! (especially uphill)
  • Spinning class
  • Leg raises while you are brushing your teeth
  • Ride your bike to work or for fun
  • Do side steps with a resistance band wrapped around your ankles (land with the heel first to activate the gluteus medius!)
  • Activate your booty while doing planks! This will work your butt AND your abs – score!



Be consistent!!! Don’t just do some of these things one time and expect to see results. If you really want to see changes in your glutes and get a better butt, focus on them 2x per week until they are on fire! 🙂 AND, make sure to have a balanced post-workout meal complete with protein and carbs to repair & build that booty!