Advanced Upper Body & Abs Workout Routine

Whether you are advanced in your fitness or looking for some new exercises to incorporate into your upper body & abs workout routine, you really should check this out. I am always making up new exercises (and exercise combinations) and pushing myself to new limits. Plus, I have been making note of my workouts and which ones I REALLY felt versus ones I did not so that way I can share them with you. As you probably guessed, this one is a keeper.

I moved really quickly through this workout and tried to keep my resting period 60-90 seconds max. As you can see, there is a mix of HIIT and slower single exercise strength sets. Do what you can, try your hardest and you WILL feel it!


There is a super set and a few Tabata’s in this workout.

A super set is 2 exercises performed one after the other with no rest in between. Once the second exercise is finished- rest and then repeat for the number of sets indicated.

If you want to learn more about Tabata, click here!ball crunch

Warm up:

-500 m row
-5-10 min elliptical

Core (1 minute each):

-ball crunches
-elbow plank
-elbow side plank L
-elbow side plank R
-elbow plank
-hand plank

-10 chaturangas

Straight arm cable pull down 3 x 10

Cable curls 3 x 10
Cable triceps pull down 3 x10

Seated wide grip row 3 x 10

Tabata 1:
Bent over barbell row
Box jump + burpee

Tabata 2:
Side plank cable row L
Side plank cable row R
Jumping Jacks

Weighted cable crunch 3 x 12

Tabata 3:
Single arm plate row L
Single arm plate row R
Plate twists

Tabata 4:
Pike crunch on exercise ball
Exercise ball pass
Reverse crunches
In & Outs