Park Bench Workout: Best 7 Leg Exercises for Runners

As you guys know, I was in New York this summer shooting some awesome footage for my job as the Runtastic Fitness Coach. The weather was absolutely amazing and the footage we got was really out of this world.


During this trip I had the opportunity to work with a competitive runner, blogger & Instagramer – @Runningbrina on these 7 best leg exercises for runners. First of all, she is one of the sweetest girls on the planet and second of all, look at this view of the Brooklyn Bridge behind us!


It was such a blast hanging out with her, talking about running and working out as well as living abroad. Sabrina is from Germany and has lived in New York for nearly 3 years. So, we had a lot in common since I am a California transplant in Austria also approaching my 3 year anniversary.

Together we came up with our favorite 7 leg exercises for runners using only our own bodyweight and a park bench! These are the perfect exercises to help strengthen the legs, engage the core as well as activate all the little stabilisation muscles in the leg that help support injury-free running. And you guys know, I loooooveeeee leg day!

7 BEST Leg Exercises for Runners

Exercise list:

Step Up + Lunge
Box Jumps
Bulgarian Split Squat
Side Lunge
Squat Hold + Taps
Tap Squat
Hip Thrusters

Now, it’s completely up to you how many times you do these exercises. You want it to feel challenging for you. But, I would suggest that you try to do all the exercises for 1 minute (30 seconds each side for the two-sided exercises). Then rest at the end for 1-2 minutes and repeat the circuit for as many rounds as possible…3-5 times is good.

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