6 Tricks to Stay Healthy & Rock Your Crazy, Busy Schedule

I travel a lot for work, you guys know this. Last year and this year, I’ve really had a lot of busy weeks and month’s that could have totally crushed me. In September 2017 I was in a different country every weekend teaching Runtastic LIVE Workout Parties and at the end of October that same year I took off for a 3-day shoot in Barcelona immediately followed by a LIVE Workout Party in Paris and another the next day in Hamburg. But honestly, I came back feeling pretty freakin’ good.

This year I am traveling to the states a couple times for seminars and time to be with family, as well as coaching a women’s retreat in Costa Rica in October. It’s really my favorite part of my life and I won’t be traveling or less on-the-go any time soon. I think exploring this world (for work and pleasure) is the best part about existing. Nonetheless, all the airports, trains, airplanes, buses, trams, etc…they’re full of germs and A LOT of them.

Let me tell you: It’s totally possible to stay healthy despite a demanding schedule! And I think I have somehow found my personal formula for kicking-ass while maintaining a happy and healthy body and mind.

Now this doesn’t mean that I don’t ever get sick. I just realized that I am more easily able to combat against the colds and sore throats that make their way around the office. When I get sick, it’s simply because I am working too much and doing WAY too much — and that’s my cue to take a step back.

6 Ways I Stay Healthy, Energized to Rock it!

1. I prepare ahead of time

I make sure that I am sleeping 8-10 hours every single night 2 weeks leading up to a demanding work trip. Normally I am sleeping 7-9 hours, but the 2 weeks before I really make myself fall asleep without any distraction before 10pm.

2. On Guard essential oil for the win

This oil goes on my feet every single night! I event take the On Guard+ softgels a few days leading up to my travels and every time before I get on a plane. This is one of my top 5 essential oils for traveling and the best immune-boosting tool I’ve ever used in my life. If you want to order essential oils or essential oil supplements, find out how to save 25% here  or sign up for my FREE weekly webinar to learn more about the most commonly asked questions I get regarding essential oils and their uses and benefits.

3. I pack all of my supplements

I bring my doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack supplements (daily multi, antioxidants and essential fatty acids), PB Assist probiotics and Terrazyme digestive enzymes with me (all of which can be ordered through the same 25% off link mentioned above) and take them every day. I don’t slack off on my daily supplement routine just because I am on the go. I separate them all out by day ahead of time. Having all of these powders and pills with me while traveling always gets me stopped by TSA. So I’ve learned to always take everything out before going through security to show them it’s “only” powders and vitamins. This time in Barcelona the TSA stopped me and asked me, “Are you a fitness girl? Is this protein and vitamins separated by day?”…and I was like “Yeah!” and he replied with “Good job.” I’ll take that – thanks TSA guy 🙂

4. I keep my morning routine

My morning routine includes waking up, drinking a ton of room-temp water with apple cider vinegar and some drops Lemon essential oil, followed by prayer and then movement. This doesn’t mean it has to be an intense workout – even just a dynamic warm up will do. I got that from my dad 🙂

Even when I am traveling, I wake up and do this. This makes me feel super energized and IN CONTROL of my day. I don’t like when I feel like my day and my to-do’s are dragging me along – I want to be in control of how I feel and how I approach every moment. No social media, no emails, no serving requests…my first moments (15-30 minutes MINIMUM) in my day are MINE 🙂

5. I eat according to my Warrior 4 Life lifestyle

I eat healthy nearly 99.99% of the time. When I am “off track” it’s usually due to overeating, but not necessarily eating something unhealthy. I do my best to maintain a very anti-inflammatory diet that is 95% plant-based and gluten free. Sometimes here and there I will eat some fish or eggs. Cookies, cakes, packaged foods, and sugar-filled “snacks” are complete energy suckers and won’t do any favors for your immune system. That’s like asking your body to operate optimally on processed junk. I always have fruit, veggies (water-filled ones like cucumbers and bell peppers), vegan/gluten-free bars, doTERRA Slim & Sassy Trim Shake, apple cider vinegar and water with me! I also try to stay away from copious amounts of caffeine to falsely amp me up…my food choices give me the ultimate energy boost.

6. I take time for recovery

You won’t find me out on the weekends burning the midnight oil. The only time I really go out and perhaps have some glasses of wine is for someones birthday, my own birthday or connecting with friends I haven’t seen in a while. Even then, this Unicorn Cinderella is generally in bed well before midnight. I prefer hanging out with my friends during the day for a run, brunch or walk and chat. I partied a lot in my early teens and I am just over it 🙂

Do I sound super boring?

I am not sure…but I f*cking love my life. Yeah maybe I am this annoying…who knows? LOL :p I operate like this on a day to day basis because it allows me to serve my purpose in this world to the best of my ability. I am not saying everyone has to use these 6 tips as if it is “THE WAY”…this is just how I make it work.

I hate feeling tired, I hate feeling brain fog, I hate feeling negative and grumpy and, let’s be real, I already get a monthly dose of that being a women…you feel me? Being consistent with these 6 has allowed me to feel like I am giving my best contribution and bringing my A-game to everyone I work with.

I encourage you to try out some of these tips and come up with your own as well! You can share them with me on Twitter 🙂