How to track your work out progress

I lost 10 lbs!

I ran 20 minutes today for the first time without stopping.

I held a plank for one minute without dropping my knees.

Ooooo, my clothes are fitting better.

Damn, my booty looks good in these workout leggings.

I did 5 more push-ups today than I did last week.

I reduced my rest from 2 minutes to 90 seconds in between my main lift and was still able to hit my same weight and reps as last week.

I pushed myself to make time for this workout even when I didn’t feel like it and I just wanted to sit on the couch and watch TV.

Which one is the “right way” to track your workout progress?

ALL of them.

Seriously, there’s not one magic metric in tracking your workout progress that everyone has to follow in order to “qualify” or not. Women come to me from ALL over the world (we have women from 6 different countries in Strong At Home 4 Women right now as we speak!) feeling SO frustrated because they just “can’t get it right” and always seem to “miss the mark” or “miss the bar” no matter how hard they try.

Question(s): Who’s “mark” and standards are you living up to? Where did you get this from?


(side note: yeah I want you to set the bar outside of your comfort zone and definitely challenge yourself, but not set you up for a soundtrack of failure on repeat.)

You can track strength workout progress from so many different angles, it actually becomes really fun!

In the Strong At Home 4 Women 8 Week Dumbbell-Only Workout Plan, we track a lot of stuff like sets, reps, rest and have created a sequence for safe and EFFECTIVE exercise progression you can do right at home. Every single extra rep, set completed, shorter rest period and progression made week by week, workout by workout, is PROGRESS (and we totally celebrate it!)

Stop looking down at the scale, and start looking up at the possibilities and the rest will follow!

If you don’t celebrate your wins and progress, who will?

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Here’s some great Week 1 progress reports from our VIP all access members (click here to be the first to know when VIP all access registration opens again soon!)

“I really really wanted to skip the workout or stop the workout in the middle more than a few times and I completed 5 days!”

“I completed 4 days of dumbbell workouts in a row, and a yoga flow on day 5. Plus, increased water intake to ~60oz per day (goal is ~70oz/day). Ate lots of veggies w/meals & grabbed nuts and fruit for snacks.”

“I completed 5days.And I just finished week2 day1. I keep to exercise and I am reducing oily food.”

“I completed 4 days of db workout and did a HIIT workout on day 5. Also I’ve reduced the size of my dinner portions and wine to couple glasses a week. As I’ve started exercising, I started to drink more water  but still not enough, so my goal for next week is to increase water intake too!”

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