LEG & BUTT Workout Routine to DIE for!!

HOLY GLUTES!! I did this Leg & Butt Workout Routine on Monday morning and I still can barely walk– it’s Wednesday EVENING! If you are looking for a workout routine that is really going to kick your ASS, look no further.

Leg and Butt Workout Routine

I absolutely loooooovee training legs & glutes and I do so 2x per week. I did this workout after 2 weeks of travel where I only did outdoor body weight training & plyos…so that’s probably why I am hurting so bad. Nevertheless, I am totally into lifting HEAVY with muscle groups I am seeking transformation in. And no ladies….you won’t get big and bulky from lifting heavy so that’s not an excuse. What you WILL get is a nice lifted and sexy butt! Who doesn’t want that???

You want your weights to be heavy for you. Don’t worry about what number anyone else if lifting…do what works for you. You want the last rep to be HARD. You will have to breath and fight to get that last rep in…so figure out what weight makes that happen for YOU!

Leg & Butt Workout Routine

Barbell Squats (GET LOW)  3×10

Smith Machine Lunges 3×10 (each side)

Cable Leg Lifts 3×10 (each side; pulse 5 more at the end for extra burn)

Abductor Machine 3×20

Hip Thrusters 3×10 (pulse extra 5 reps for MORE BURN- stability ball optional)

Hip Thrusters

Walking Lunges 3×10 (each side)

I really hope that you try this workout….like I said– you may have a hard time walking afterwards but it’s kind of a love/hate thing when it comes to being sore right? Leave me comments & let me know how you like it!